Hardwood Walnut Sample 2

Specie: Walnut
Color group: Browns-Gray
Shade: Medium
Texture: Normal

Walnut has a fine, mostly straight grain that sometimes displays attractive and decorative figures. This species can be treated to achieve a specific and unique character.

Regular pre-varnished wood floor texture.


Traditional solid wood floor that can be installed on main and upper floors.

Installation Type: Nailed


  • Timeless style 100% hardwood
  • Long lasting
  • Random board lengths for a more natural look
  • Proven manufacturing process
  • Most varied selection
  • 100% Made in Canada
  • No toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


 You can have a solid wood floor (SolidClassic) in your basement or condo if you first install a subfloor over the concrete that you can nail the floor into.

Distinction Variation 3 ¼” (83 mm) ¾ ” (19.00 mm)
Distinction Variation with knots 4 ¼” (108 mm) ¾ ” (19.00 mm)
Distinction Variation with knots 5″ (127 mm) ¾ ” (19.00 mm)

Hardwood Walnut

Here are some samples of Hardwood Walnut Sample Flooring that we carry. Visit our showroom to view more Hardwood Walnut Sample floor options.